about baasbari farm 


About Baasbari Farms

If you’re tired with the hullaballoo of the hectic life and are looking for a quiet sanctuary to recover your elements, then look no further than the newly opened Baasbari Farms in Darjeeling. This eco-farm, a first-of-its-kind in the locality, is built completely with local materials. The property adheres to the core green principles including an on-site solid waste management system.

Its bamboo cottages and tented camps boast gorgeous views of the surrounding hills, valleys, rivers, and natural forests. The farm’s sustainable design includes bamboo units, tented camps, and tastefully groomed landscapes and plantations. It is eco-tourism in a living sense

Baasbari Farms aim to serve as a model sustainable initiative – as a knowledge center and learning ground for school children, researchers, and think tanks, demonstrating methods of sustainable living. The Farms will host workshops on local building materials, sustainable landscapes, natural resource management, and wellbeing. The entire precinct is a plastic-free zone.

why we want to see you in Baasbari?

Baasbari Farms is located in an offbeat track around 90-minute drive from Darjeeling. Once you reach there, you are rewarded with the sights and sounds of natural forests, and the beautiful vistas of tea gardens, rivers, and the valley can be breathtaking. The farm will give an experience of the real countryside of Darjeeling region.

You’ll get to stay in uniquely designed bamboo units with access to the entire farm and kitchen in case you want to cook your own meals. We’ll supply you with fresh, farm-sourced greens and spices. We want you to spend your time blending with the natural surroundings, Darjeeling’s cultural heritage, and engage with the local economy.

Your stay with us will not just be a ‘stay’ but a ‘life-time experience’ of what it means to go back to the nature. We want to ensure a complete harmony between the wandering souls of our visitors and the nature that is Baasbari Farms. To do so, we offer carefully crafted itineraries that include hiking, trekking, mountain biking, nature walks, bird watching, tea tasting, and riverside camping.

The design and elements of sustainable living are the core of Baasbari Farms demonstrating garbage and waste management, biogas plants, solar energy, organic farming, natural plantations and indigenous species, forest carbon monitoring and a bamboo research and training.