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Knowledge Forum

At Baasbari Farms we believe in sharing knowledge with our guests so that together we leave a better planet behind us. We believe that every individual contributes to a growing body of knowledge to innovate green growth and green lifestyles. To that end, we offer special workshops and trainings bringing in resource persons and experts from various disciplines. We aim to give our visitors a holistic experience about sustainable living.

The following trainings and workshops will be conducted in 2018. Contact us for updates and your interest.

organic farming & tree planting (24-26 March, 2018)

Through this training we intend to showcase to our guests new approaches to organic farming. Throughout the world, the demand for organic produces is on the rise and research suggests that organic farming is a sustainable system of agriculture because it builds a toxin free biologically diverse ecosystem, controls soil erosion, and enhances the quality of air and water. At Baasbari we are experimenting with a wide variety of vegetables like tomatoes, sprouts, arugula, beans, celeriac, broccoli and many more. We are testing the vegetables for viability in Darjeeling region after which we will produce seeds for distribution to local farmers.

some of our future trainings and workshops will be on the following topics:

  • Yoga
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bee-keeping
  • Bamboo treating
  • Literary writing
  • Water resource management
  • Bio-briquette making
  • Thanka painting
  • Well Being

If you have any special topic on mind, do let us know.