I visited Baasbari farm first in Dec 2016 while the construction work was being completed. I liked the natural architecture and setting of the place so much that I took four colleagues again in April 2017 for a trip to Sandakpur.

Why did I choose Baasbari? Well, its location stands out. Darjeeling is crowded, therefore staying the nights at Baasbari allowed us to avoid the noisy town and its pollution. Its only a 40-minute drive to Darjeeling, spending the day in town and returning in the evenings was getting the best of both. The farm 40-minutes drive from Manebhanjyong ( Nepal border), and lies on the route to Sandakphu.We were driven on a Land Rover (1956 Series 1) to Sandhakphu. Now that`s a real vintage drive! One of the unlikeliest and best expereinces to be received on a vintage car by the farm.

From Sandakphu one can trek through Singalila National Park into Sikkim or trek into Nepal to see some of the red panda territory like we did. Definately would like to recommend this place for a family vacation or a coporate retreat. Baasbari farm is a perfect blend of art, architecture and nature. When you add adventure trekking and vintage drive to your itinerary, it becomes a surreal and unique expereince offered nowhere else.

Bhaskar Singh Karky, Kathmandu