about baasbari farms

If your nerves need some quiet time off, try a stay at the Baasbari Farms near Darjeeling. Built with local materials, and with on-site solid waste management,this is really a green stay. It’s a house of bamboo and tented camps about 90 minute drive from Darjeeling with the most gorgeous views of hills, valleys, rivers and natural forests. The farm is unique in its own way with its sustainable designed bamboo units, tented camps and on-going groomed landscapes and plantations.It is eco-tourism in its true sense.

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baasbari rooms

The design and elements of sustainable living is the core of Baasbari. You get to stay in well-designed bamboo units, and you get access to the entire farm and kitchen in case you want to cook your own meals.

bamboo unit

This is a newly built well-designed bamboo unit. The room opens onto a large balcony with picture-perfect views, ideal for a private meal.

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tent 1

The room overlooks the tea gardens and natural forests on the other side of the valley. One can sit on the balcony and also see the agricultural landscapes of the valley and the river flowing past the mountains.

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tent 2

The tent is tucked in a quiet corner of the farm overlooking the recently regenerated forest plantations. It has an outdoor bamboo shower ideal for summers.

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our services

We have a wealth of experience to share and creating experiences that allow our visitors to learn about sustainable living, design and eating healthy. We have 10 acres of space for your pet to run around. Our farm is a family and pet-friendly place.